To Dual or Not?

This past Monday Intel revealed to the world the Pentium Extreme Edition. Acutally, I think my what suprised me more out of anything else is that this is Intel’s first desktop Pentium release not called "Pentium 4". That’s right, it may be Extreme, but it is not a Pentium 4.

Alienware Duck

And while Dell might have stolen the limelight in this release, Alienware among with a couple of other companies, is also releasing Pentium Extreme Edition equipped computers. We actually did a little reshuffling of our product lines with the introduction of Intel’s newest processor. The previous top of the line Area-51 5550 became the Area-51 5500. I hope you don’t find any errors in the pages I try my best to get them all up and ready for people to oggle over. This wasn’t the only reshuffling, we dropped our Hyperspeed and Lightspeed models in favor for the Area-51 3500 and the Aurora 3500 which comes in both the Signature Predator case and a simple computer case most people might feel more comfortable with. Though I have to say, that the Predator case really stands out in person.

I’m not sure if anyone of you have seen news.com.com.com lately, but the news is out that Alienware will have Star Wars PC’s soon. Yes, this is acutally very cool.

April 20, 2005 11:16 PM Gadgets and Hardware


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