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The end of fantasy

I officially cancelled my susbscription to Final Fantasy XI on Sunday. After beeing unable to play it for more then two weeks and knowing that all my gameplay from now on would require having to wait for parties, I decided…

tue, may 10, 2005 | Video Games
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I thought I read this before…

I remember several years ago reading this really funny list online. It had something to do about villians and super heros. There was something along the lines of things to do or not to do. It was very funny….

wed, may 4, 2005 | Online Chatter
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Full Speed Straigh Ahead

I’m reaching my burn out limit. I’m probably not going to do anything drastic, I’m not sure what will happen, but I’m getting there. Work takes a lot of time out of my day. And when I get home there…

wed, may 4, 2005 | On Life
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May Rolls Around

I’m not particularly excited that it’s May already. Back in High School I probably would have been somewhat exstatic about the prospect of Summer Vacation even if there were no good movies out. I’m not exactly sure if I should…

mon, may 2, 2005 | Alienware , Gadgets and Hardware
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