entries from june 2005

Small little changes

We’re going through some changes at Alienware.com. We’re trying to do some design tweaks to the site and I’ve been very busy at work coding all the static pages. Two weeks ago we unveiled a new Home Page. Which is…

wed, jun 29, 2005 | Alienware , HTML and CSS
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still impressed

1up still impresses me. I need tosay upfront though that I rarely visit big gaming sites on a regular basis, but ever since I found 1up I can’t say that anymore. The community part of the site is extremely cool…

thu, jun 16, 2005 | Video Games
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Hell to Freeze Over

It looks like it actually happened - Apple switches to Intel. Personally, I never thought this would ever see the light of day. I’m not sure if this is actually a good move for Apple, but by the end of…

tue, jun 7, 2005 | Cool IT Stuff
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