Small little changes

We’re going through some changes at Alienware.com. We’re trying to do some design tweaks to the site and I’ve been very busy at work coding all the static pages. Two weeks ago we unveiled a new Home Page. Which is very simple and has one large image/flash. Depending what you’re browsing in. I had originally tried to set up the page using Flash Satay to be able to have an image backup whenever a client didn’t have flash. But we were having some issues with the preloading of the flash, so I took it out to simplify things and haven’t been able to work it back into the page yet.

Today we came out with our redesigned segment pages. Yes, we don’t yet have full site segments, that is a personalized site for home users or gamers or business users. It’s just a page, but were trying to get there. Both of these redesigns were done by Randy. My job was to get it all coded in CSS. And while im sure many of you are looking at my code and shaking their heads because I’m using pixels and so forth. Stop it. I know I shouldn’t but I have to keep some consistency with the rest of the site which isn’t yet all CSS.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get back to the problem with flash. Peter sent me this Flash with javascript article today and I’m taking a look at it. We currently have some solution like this for flash in the segment pages. Personally, I’ve kept out of using javascript for anything because I keep reading that I shouldn’t use it, that it’s bad. But theres a lot of nifty solutions that use dynamically created code made by javascript. All of which is totally redefining my preconceptions about javascript. Of course, you always have to remember that theres content for those without javascript or those that have it disabled. I added that to the new segment - that was missing.

June 29, 2005 10:00 PM Alienware


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