still impressed

1up still impresses me. I need tosay upfront though that I rarely visit big gaming sites on a regular basis, but ever since I found 1up I can’t say that anymore. The community part of the site is extremely cool - all those gaming blogs, which are really sometimes less about gaming and more about just the people who do play games add a lot to the site. But even that alone doesn’t make me go back to the site time after time. It’s mostly the orginal 1up articles.

The two recent ones that I’ve read are on Character Development and store treatment of girls looking for games. Both were really quite good. Although, I would have prefered a more detailed script between the retail agents and the girl spy shopper. I really dislike it when people call my gamecube a kiddi system. I’m pretty sure the ps2 still has more kiddie games then the GC, but for some reason its still labeled as such…

Anyways, on other GC news - Mario 128 still won’t be out for a while. atleast another year and a half if not more. This comes directly from a Wired interview with Miyamoto. At least it looks like both Mario 128 and New Super Mario Bros. will be good. I’m a patein one, I can wait. I’ve been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever for 10 years!

June 16, 2005 08:42 AM Video Games


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