I miss my internet

Kate and I are almost moved in to our new appartment. We haven’t bought because real estate in miami is increadibly expensive. Rent for our new place is just over $800 and it’s only a one bed/one bath. Though I could make extensive jokes about its size outside of the bed and bath, it’s actually bigger then my sister’s previous place. That places was barely bigger then the bed and the bath. She wasn’t paying as much as we are though.

Although the moving was pretty tough, thats after breaking it up into two weekends, the lack of internet was driving me crazy! Life without broadband is hard. But the unpacking did keep me busy eventhough it’s still not done. We’re waiting for a couple of key furniture pieces including the “Entretainment Credenza”.

We also got a couch thanks to my parents.

So our little aparment is shaping up to be quite cozy though still very messy. There is tons of laundry to be done. Sigh.

July 19, 2005 09:06 PM Journal


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Mother Fucker, did it ever occur to you that if ALL the laundry ever got done, there would never be a place to keep it all? Let's face it, the hamper is much needed extra storage. And, you ain't walkin' around wear a potato sack or nothin', so quit your griping!

Posted by: Kate | July 20, 2005 12:41 PM

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