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It’s al about Katrina

Looks like Miami survived the recent sneak attack of the evil hurrican Katrina with only 8 deaths. The storm invaded south florida siwftly early last night attacking the cities earlier then expected. Also, in a strange turn of events…

fri, aug 26, 2005 | Journal
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They’re Gone!

After spending Sunday evening formatting and installin Windows on Chris’ computer, I went ahead and did it for my computer on Monday. Everything went perfectly. Well, almost perfectly. I tried to make sure I wasn’t going to forget everything….

wed, aug 24, 2005 | Geek and Gizmos
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Touching is good

This was just too funny. Too funny….

wed, aug 24, 2005 | Video Games
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Graphics Update

I finally got a chance to upgrade a part of my computer. Newegg had a really good deal on an XFX GeForce 6800 128MB. I actually got it last monday, but didn’t install it untill Wednesday. I think I…

mon, aug 22, 2005 | Gadgets and Hardware
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Simple classes

I’ve recently have been getting interesting in javascripting. It’s weird because I always thought that javascript was bad because not everyone has it enabled in their browsers. Or something to that line. But javascript can do lots of cool little…

mon, aug 15, 2005 | Alienware , Development , HTML and CSS
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Bad Memory?!

I’ve been having some problems with my computer for the past month. The main one being that I can’t seem to run it at full speed. I’ve only been able to run my Athlon XP 2500+ at 1400MHz instead…

sun, aug 7, 2005 | Gadgets and Hardware
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New Look - Same Site

I worked on this new style for the website sometime in June. It probably took me a good day’s work. It was probably a Sunday. The I just kept messing up the old design. I liked the original v3…

sun, aug 7, 2005 | Website News
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