They’re Gone!

After spending Sunday evening formatting and installin Windows on Chris’ computer, I went ahead and did it for my computer on Monday. Everything went perfectly. Well, almost perfectly. I tried to make sure I wasn’t going to forget everything. It’s one of the reasons why all my documents and files reside on a seperate computer that has yet to see a single format and reinstall. I even remembered to back up all of Kate’s stuff.

But it seems there will always be something I miss. This time around, it was my firefox bookmarks. All of them. Over 200 hundred sites covering everything from GameFAQs to wiki articles to pages that have probably been unavailable for years are now lost in the land of 0’ and 1’. Gone are links to really good Ranma Fanfics. Gone are links to nifty GNU Game sites. Gone are links to support pages for motherboards that are very picky. It’s all gone. This is almost as the day one of my hard drives failed and with it went over 13GB of music. But all this fails in comparison to the select songs I forgot to back up from Kate’s computer. I never hear the end of that one.

And while my music collection is getting close to reaching what it used to be (so far 10GB) my bookmarks collection has dwindled to less than 20. Oh well.

I shouldn’t complain though, today Chris called me with the news that the drive we backed all his stuff into had failed. I felt for him. Poor guy sounded like he had a heart attack. And although I wouldn’t usually support it, he went to Best Buy’ “Geek Squad”. Which is good for everyone because I’m sure they’ll be able to get his stuff out of the drive, and I didn’ have to pretend to know how to save data from crashed drives.

August 24, 2005 10:06 PM Geek and Gizmos


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