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Why won’t it work?!

So, I just realized that there could be somewhat of an inconsistency with styling. Howcome mozilla allows you to style everything with any style you want, but won’t let you do anything outside of changing colors for the legend attribute?…

fri, sep 30, 2005 | HTML and CSS
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What is that doing there?

A couple of weeks ago Alienware announced to the world that they too were getting into the MP3 player market. Now, I’m not going to comment on what I think of the thing — even though I had a…

sun, sep 25, 2005 | Alienware
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Let the revolution begin

I am seriously impress by the amount of coverage that Nintendo’s Revolution controller is getting. All the hardware review sites I frequent had blurbs on the new controller - the [H]ardOCP, The Tech Report and Slashdot had news blurbs on…

fri, sep 16, 2005 | Geek and Gizmos , Video Games
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I still remember!

I do remember one of the greatest games in my early years: Uniracers! It was actually one of the few games I actually owned for my SNES. It was an extremely fun if perhaps short game. And while the…

tue, sep 13, 2005 | Video Games
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Wow, Labour Day!

After spending an entire weekend locked inside I’m definately feeling better. I came down with a some sort of cold last week that lasted the entire week. I think it actually started Tuesday when I went to the DMV to…

mon, sep 5, 2005 | Journal
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