Why won’t it work?!

So, I just realized that there could be somewhat of an inconsistency with styling. Howcome mozilla allows you to style everything with any style you want, but won’t let you do anything outside of changing colors for the legend attribute? Hu? Why? Please don’t tell me it’s an accessibility issue. If that were the case then you could lock out certain properties from different elements. Like the browser could force all p elements to have top and bottom margins of 1em. The uncool part, is that everyone knows about it! And the best advice? Use headings. Great. That doesn’t solve anything and it keeps people from using the correct semantics. It’s counter productive!

So, in the mean time, if you want to use background colors with fieldsets and use legends, then you’re going to have to live with the legend with half the background color. At least IE plays nice for once. I didn’t have any problems getting the legend completely inside the fieldset.

September 30, 2005 11:38 PM HTML and CSS


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