Wow, Labour Day!

After spending an entire weekend locked inside I’m definately feeling better. I came down with a some sort of cold last week that lasted the entire week. I think it actually started Tuesday when I went to the DMV to get my drivers license - which I sent to the wrong place. For some reason though, it wasn’t until Friday that I got awfully bad though. My manager even let me go earlier because I was that bad. I was very glad that I had a long weekend to rejuvinate.

Having said that though, I do want to say that this entire week has been a whole lot better then what people in Luisiana, Mississippi and Alabama went through. I’m terribly saddened by what has happened, both in the amount of damage Katrina did and the terrible living conditions they endured after the event. I’m don’t want to point fingers or yell at people, but it does seem like there could have been better and quicker help given. I read a couple of accounts from the area and they are horrible. I’m sure things will eventually be normal again, but not for a long while.

September 5, 2005 08:05 PM Journal


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