entries from october 2005

They have arrived!

After much waiting, Alienware has finally released the long waited reinforcements to their notebook lineup. It was really hectic today at work while we tried to luanch these notebooks. It’s been over a month of work of designers, product…

mon, oct 31, 2005 | Alienware , Gadgets and Hardware
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Small Updates

I spent most of the day today working on the site. When I set up the site at 1and1 hosting I didn’t do it completely. There were some pages missing. I also didn’t do a very good job of converting…

sat, oct 29, 2005 | Online Chatter , Website News
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That Roaming Gnome

Kotaku found this interesting site. While I’ve seen, and liked, the travelocity roaming gnome commercials, I did not know that there was actually such a thing as roaming gnomes. TravelWOWCity was definately funny though….

thu, oct 27, 2005 | MMOs , Video Games
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The Attack of the Hurricane!

I finally got power again today. The last time it was on was in the middle of Hurricane Wilma’s attack of South Florida. I was watching the news, the eye was passing over Sunrise, and getting ready to post a…

thu, oct 27, 2005 | Journal
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Jack Thomson: Not a man of word

After the Hot Coffee mode broke through the convetional news media Jack Thomson has been trying desperatly to stay in the lime light. Although most of the news concerning him hasn’t been on CNN since then, gaming sites have been…

mon, oct 17, 2005 | Video Games
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A World Full of Mario

Everyday the world seems to have more and more Mario or Nintendo Inspired stuff in it. I have nothing wrong with this though. Some of this stuff I wish I could actuall have. Like the plush Goomba. Especially so…

wed, oct 12, 2005 | Geek and Gizmos
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I have bookmarks!

I was going through some of my data today, doing some restructuring, when I found a really old backed up copy of my bookmarks. It didn’t have anything new. My guess is that they were over 2 years old. But…

sun, oct 9, 2005 | Geek and Gizmos , Random
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Reinforcements are coming!

I’m really excited about something that Alienware will be releasing soon. In less then 18 days the whole world will get to see Alienware’s new Laptops. Yes, I said laptops. Four new laptops to satisfy everyone’s needs. From the ultra…

thu, oct 6, 2005 | Alienware , Gadgets and Hardware
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