A World Full of Mario

Goomba Plush Toy!
Everyday the world seems to have more and more Mario or Nintendo Inspired stuff in it. I have nothing wrong with this though. Some of this stuff I wish I could actuall have. Like the plush Goomba. Especially so after having played Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door on the GameCube. Although I still haven’t finished it, I did enjoy the diverse group of characters you find in the world of The Thousand-Year Door.

Talking about Mario gear though, I actually don’t have as much of it as most people would think. I can actually count the Nintendo or Mario swag I have with my fingers:

  1. Nintendo Hoodie
  2. Toad T-Shirt
  3. Mario: Mario Kart RC (still in its package)
  4. 1-up Patch

I do want to get some white Mushroom decals for my Focus though. Make it a Mushroom Racer. This probably won’t happen for a while - first I have to find a place that does custom decals.

Kate has been trying to find some Princess Peach T-Shirts that don’t have anything to do with what certain people would do to Peach. It’s all in an effort to get the whole group of us with our respective Mario World Character. The rest of us would be Ducassi with Boo, and David with Yoshi.

October 12, 2005 08:36 PM Geek and Gizmos


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