Jack Thomson: Not a man of word

After the Hot Coffee mode broke through the convetional news media Jack Thomson has been trying desperatly to stay in the lime light. Although most of the news concerning him hasn’t been on CNN since then, gaming sites have been buzzing lately about his antics. Recently? Jack Thomson has proven that he is not a man who keeps his word. I really was not expecting to actually see the game which Thomson described in his groundbreaking “A Modest Video Game Proposal” open letter. And while the gaming communities response is only a modification for a current game - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - I was still surprised to not only hear that Thomson will not be giving $10,000 to a charity of Take Two’s CEO’s choice but that Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade will. In my opinion, Thomson has been making some horrible moves lately, showing a side of himself that he probably shouldn’t be showing as he is definately not winning over the gaming community or other political groups.

Penny Arcade Comic - And All Of It True

October 17, 2005 09:00 PM Video Games


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