entries from november 2005

Turkey Day

Had an extremely good turkey day this year. The turkey was plentiful, the pumpkin pie made an appereance and I ate much more than I should have. But considering it’s one of those few times a year that entire families…

sat, nov 26, 2005 | On Life
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Staying Awake for Potter

Kate and I, along with a bunch of Ducassi’s friends, watched the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Besides having an increadibly hard time staying awake at work on Friday, I had a blast waiting in line for the movie….

sun, nov 20, 2005 | Movies
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Damn Adelphia!

I am completely sick and tired of adelphia. Their internet service is horrible. It won’t fail to drop the line at least once a day if not more! And it’s irritating! Especially so when you’re playing a game and it…

thu, nov 10, 2005 | On Life
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Kart Madness

The next installment of Mario Kart will be out in less then one week. I’m psyched. I’ve read a good review of the game at 1up. I’ve played all of the Mario Karts up to date, and currently own…

wed, nov 9, 2005 | Nintendo , Video Games
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Microsoft playing nice?

Slashdot has a news clip of some upcoming Microsoft attractions. One of these is Windows live (www.live.com). If you go visit that site, the top says the following: Firefox Users Firefox support is coming soon. Please be patient :-) Did…

tue, nov 1, 2005 | Online Chatter
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