Damn Adelphia!

I am completely sick and tired of adelphia. Their internet service is horrible. It won’t fail to drop the line at least once a day if not more! And it’s irritating! Especially so when you’re playing a game and it stops being responsive. At which point you’re just wondering of you’ll be dead by the time the line comes back up or you get to login again after the line drops completely and the game server drops you only to keep you from loggin infor another 15 minutes. Last night was the straw! The internet was down from 11pm till sometime late today. And there were still somethings I had to do. Sigh.

We’ve taken the first step to move away from Adelphia. Today we got our land line with Bellsouth, so sometime next week we’ll call to ask about DSL service. Once that comes in. Goodbye Adelphia. DSL is a much better service anyways.

November 10, 2005 07:51 PM On Life


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