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Mario Kart DS screen from 1up

The next installment of Mario Kart will be out in less then one week. I’m psyched. I’ve read a good review of the game at 1up. I’ve played all of the Mario Karts up to date, and currently own Double Dash and Super Circuit. Personally I’m a big fan of Double Dash, the two people per kart was a stroke of genious. I’ve always had problems getting the balance right of items and driving - I get too carried away with the driving myself and resort to using items as defense. I would rather take the best path then risk losing position just to get the item box. That’s why I just love it when Kate plays as the back items passenger. She expertly punches and drops items to get and keep the lead. I think I do much better with her. Super Circuit is pretty good too. But it just reminded me how hard older games were. With the five new cups plus 5 more extra ones compromised of old SNES tracks there’s plenty of fun there.

But the DS has 32 tracks! And ROB! Although coming from El Salvador I really had no idea about ROB until a few years ago. And since its not 16-bit style 3D I should have an easy time playing so I’m having a hard time waiting. This is the first game I’ve preorder - it wasn’t really because there wouldn’t be any games left, more like a payment plan option for games! Like all previous Kart games there’s something different about this game to make it stand apart, thats without the Internet play. I can’t wait to see how the new or tweaked current items will play like. Of course, I do wonder how internet play will be like. I’ll need to set my WiFi back up - and that’s always a pain. Although it looks like the nintendo wifi website is up and running, though a little slow.

The game it self looks pretty good, but it really makes me wish that Nintendo would have put just a little bit more processing power on the DS. All the screens from 3D games on the DS I see tend to be lacking the color that the 2D DS games have. This DS release list forum post I found on Kotaku illustrates that point well. That doesn’t mean the 3D games don’t look good, New Super Mario shows some good colors.

November 9, 2005 10:56 PM Video Games


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