Staying Awake for Potter

From Harry Potter

Kate and I, along with a bunch of Ducassi’s friends, watched the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Besides having an increadibly hard time staying awake at work on Friday, I had a blast waiting in line for the movie. See I brought both the Nintendo DS with my brand new copy of Mario Kart (which I’ll be talking about shortly) and the GBA SP with Donkey Kong: King of Swing. Before spending two hours in line playing some sweet Mario Kart we actually had dinner at Fridays and I figured that I don’t like the restaurant anymore. It’s gotten more expensive and their menu has changed drastically. It’s like the only thing they sell anymore has to have Jack Daniels somewhere! So I got stuck with $45 on our side to pay for - just for a burger, chicken fingers, two drinks and a cheescake. I figure that would have been $35 tops!

The movie itself was pretty good though. While Kate was somewhat dissapointed at not seeing a lot of the story, I had no such problems (I’ve yet to read the books). I know a lot of people who didn’t like the 3rd because it was too movie like but I think Goblet of Fire follows that path also. The first movies were just a little too slow being such direct translations of the books I suppose. And while I had no problems following the story there was too much to take in. It did feel like the whole movie moved just a little too fast, not giving enough time to properly introduce new characters or flesh out some important moments for non-readers of the books. Thats not too say the movie wasn’t bad, like I said it was very entretaining and I didn’t notice how fast those two and half hours had gone until the credits started rolling up the screen.

Oh yeah. Ron is starting to look eerily close like me…

November 20, 2005 06:51 PM Movies


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