entries from january 2006

Intel Set Free? Please!

I have a serious issue with Apple’s new commercial/advertising campaign. It’s a complete lie! How can they claim that only now has intel processors be set free? They’ve been free all this time. Free to be put in any…

wed, jan 25, 2006 | Gadgets and Hardware
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This can’t be!!

Who let the “Vede” become Editor in Chief for PC Gamer? When did this happen? Here I was, sitting in front of my computer when I read that the Vede has become editor in chief? Who cares that he’s gone…

fri, jan 20, 2006 | Video Games
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We’ve been playing LEGO Star Wars here for the past couple of weeks. It’s a hell of a fun game. Saturday night I went to sleep at 4am after playing the game for around 8 hours! LEGO Star Wars…

wed, jan 11, 2006 | Video Games
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Delayed Christmas Post

Christmas has always been a great time for videogames, ever since we had a gaming console in the house. It actually didn’t really become a good gaming time untill I had an SNES and we lived in Canada - the…

tue, jan 3, 2006 | On Life , Video Games
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A Small Review

I’ve been meaning to compile a list of the most viewed entries in my blog for some time now. While I’m sure there are some plugins or great automatic methods available to do that I decided to go it the…

tue, jan 3, 2006 | Website News
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone had a blast bringing in the new year. I’m sorry that you had absolutely no fun Chris watching an I Love the 90’s marathon on VH1. Kate and I had the greatest time…

mon, jan 2, 2006 | On Life
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