Intel Set Free? Please!

Alienware Vs Mac

I have a serious issue with Apple’s new commercial/advertising campaign. It’s a complete lie! How can they claim that only now has intel processors be set free? They’ve been free all this time. Free to be put in any computer, any platform and really just about anywhere. Well, outside of AMD based platforms. But seriously, before Apple ever decided to make the switch, Intel Pentium processors have been seen on computer and systems of many types from many different vendors. How is that not free? I mean, you can find intel processors on media center PC’s that fit perfectly into a home theater set up or on notebooks that look wildly awsome — just look at Alienware — or that come with custom paint jobs. Sure, it’s been in its share of dull looking boxes that are underspeced, but that does not mean that Apple can make such a claim now.

This is especially true when you consider that apple’s platforms are the most propretary of all computer vendors. It’s still uknown if you can run anything besides Mac OS X on Intel Macs. Well, it looks like you might have a choice of Red Hat if you’re interested. What about Windows? Everyone is unsure if XP will run. But its definately something people want enough. And while that would be cool, I can’t imagine apple making device drivers for hardware like wifi to work on Windows.

So with a limited number of hardware and sofware choices Apple’s advertising is both misleading and a big lie!!!! Intel processors have always been freed. Just now they get the chance to run the very capable OS X.

January 25, 2006 08:20 PM Gadgets and Hardware


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