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We’ve been playing LEGO Star Wars here for the past couple of weeks. It’s a hell of a fun game. Saturday night I went to sleep at 4am after playing the game for around 8 hours! LEGO Star Wars is best enjoyed as a co-op game. While its fun and funny to play as little LEGO pieces by yourself, it’s even better when you have someone else to make smack taclk or snide commentaries with. When Kate was playing on Sunday, all of us just had a blast as Kate started making names for all the less known characters. General Grivious became Twisty McSaber. Very funny stuff. Less then an hour later, every LEGO character that we had unlocked had some new name. Obi Wan’s Astrodriod soon was being called Flying McTrash for example - this guy and R2D2 are critical for the after story game.

LEGO Star Wars is a very simple game to play. The rules are simple, the controls are simple, just about everything about it is simple. You can beat the Story Mode in one night. But for some reason, we just can’t put it down. There are other goals which we still need to beat! However, having almost gotten True Jedi in every level feels a little empty. There’s nothing you can do with all the mini kits once they have been collected. It would have been nice to have be able to race them or something.

The race level has got to be the hardest level of them all though!!!

January 11, 2006 08:24 PM Video Games


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