entries from february 2006

Of course it won’t suck

Of course the next version of Windows, Windows Vista, won’t suck. I knew there might be some sort of markeeting fatigue on the general public from having heard about the next windows for more than the past couple of years….

tue, feb 28, 2006 | Geek and Gizmos
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Color is Good

I noticed this awsome looking piece of hardware as a link on The Tech Report. While it may be a complete photoshop job that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look Bad Ass - or BA as Dane Cook would say. And…

mon, feb 27, 2006 | Gadgets and Hardware
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Microsoft finishes debate. New motherboard = new computer.

I remember back in high school when I started making, and upgrading and swapping parts in and out of computers a friend of mine asked me what crucial part was it that finally made the computer a “new” computer. Well,…

tue, feb 21, 2006 | Gadgets and Hardware
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You’re stepping on my toes

While it probably isn’t as noticeable in other places of the world, most of us in Miami that have been here a while - and I’m stretching that for me too - have probably noticed that it’s just getting too…

tue, feb 21, 2006 | Geek and Gizmos
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A Short Overview

My New Year’s resolution of trying to keep a steady update schedule came to an end this February. Kate and I went on vacation from the 3rd to the 10th. We went to Texas to see her family at Sunrise…

mon, feb 20, 2006 | Journal
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DDR Is on the Way!

One of the games that I had in my wishlist, and which apperantly Kate tried everyone we knew to get for us because she’s the best wife ever… Anyways, one of those games was Mario DDR Mix. But apperantly Nintendo…

thu, feb 2, 2006 | Video Games
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New IE7. After How Long Again?

Last night through slashdot I found that Internet Explorer 7 has gone into public beta. Finally! How long has this product been in the making? I’m not saying it’s some sort of vaporware like Duke Nukem Forvever, but it’s been…

wed, feb 1, 2006 | HTML and CSS
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