DDR Is on the Way!

One of the games that I had in my wishlist, and which apperantly Kate tried everyone we knew to get for us because she’s the best wife ever… Anyways, one of those games was Mario DDR Mix. But apperantly Nintendo and Konami were a little too pesemistic about how much of a hit this game would be that it sold out pretty quickly. I’ve seen Mario DDR go for over $100 on eBay. That’s increadible. And though I really wanted it, there’s no way I’m going to be spending that much for a game. A game system, maybe, but a game? No.

So I get home today and I read up in Kotaku that Mario DDR is going to get a second release.Yes, thats right! A second retail release. And for those that really want to get their hands on it, that is to make sure they don’t miss out this time, it is available for pre-order directly from Nintendo. I couldn’t belive it, so taking a look on Nintendo’s site that their customer service is up until 7pm Pacific Standard Time so I called them up and got a copy for myself. And Kate of course. Since the association is refusing to give us a key to the gym, this is going to become a central part of my excercise routine.

One thing though, I hope I don’t get bored for Nintendo songs… that I listen to daily and which occupy a good space on my already packed Zen Micro.

February 2, 2006 09:46 PM Video Games


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