Microsoft finishes debate. New motherboard = new computer.

I remember back in high school when I started making, and upgrading and swapping parts in and out of computers a friend of mine asked me what crucial part was it that finally made the computer a “new” computer. Well, apperantly Microsoft finally finished that argument once and for all.

I found this through Gadgetopia and while the article only states that this applies to OEM’s, I’m sure it would be really easy for them to make such a change to the current Windows activation routine. Supposedly, it allows you to change a couple of hardware components without making you activate again - I’ve yet been asked to activate so I’m good, however I have had to replace motherboard and while I reinstall Windows at the same time I really wouldn’t be happy if it wouldn’t let me activate the previous CD-key with the new motherboard. Motherboards just die some times! So far I’ve experienced at least three if not more. And they arent’ cheap either. Having to put $100+ on a board and then another $100+ for windows. That’s just beeing greedy.

February 21, 2006 08:41 PM Gadgets and Hardware


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