New IE7. After How Long Again?

Last night through slashdot I found that Internet Explorer 7 has gone into public beta. Finally! How long has this product been in the making? I’m not saying it’s some sort of vaporware like Duke Nukem Forvever, but it’s been that long since Microsoft released a fresh new copy of just about anything. Personally, I’m baffeled. I’ve seen screenshots of the new interface all over the place, but it still makes no sense to me. I like that it’s very simplistic and minimalistic.

But it could be just a little bit too simplisitc. I see that the menu bar was brought up to the top window instead of being a part of every tab - that makes more sense, but the address bar is still above it. That just feels too weird for me. I know that sometimes its good to go above and beyond what has been established to create something that has more useability, but I think this goes further then just that, it’s like an ingraned windows scheme, that the menu bar is always on top. Imagine havine a Windows OS and every application had its windows show it’s menu bar in different places with the menus all called differently! It just makes it harder for people to get used to the OS. I like that you can turn it off and not show it, but if it’s shown it should be where it always is!

I haven’t gotten much of a chance to play around with it yet, but I can already tell it’s going to be fun having to add IE7 to the list of IE’s that I have to style for. First thing I noticed was that the menu in this site did not render properly. Sigh. I know it had some issues with Firefox 1.5 that I’ve yet to get too, but that bug is not as bad as the rendering problem that IE7 is currently showing. And though I’m hopefull that the development group might make more inroads into proper standards rendering, I wonder if that will actually happen.

There is at least one thing that seems interesting and definately new, besides the addition of RSS feeds: phishing site checker. Now the question one can ask is if such a thing really does belong to be in a browser. Considering that AOL already had that feature with their Netscape 9 broswer I don’t see why not. I should be happy that my site is not being marked as phishing site though.

February 1, 2006 08:40 AM HTML and CSS


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