Of course it won’t suck

Of course the next version of Windows, Windows Vista, won’t suck. I knew there might be some sort of markeeting fatigue on the general public from having heard about the next windows for more than the past couple of years. And seriously, the only thing we were hearing from Microsoft was either all the hyped up list of features or the fact that any of those cool features were not going to show up.

That however, doesn’t mean that next version of Windows is not going to be worth it. Look at Cairo! Windows 95 had a big hype too. Sure at that moment the current operating environment was a little limiting and Windows 95 had a compelling features but in reality the same we’re in the same type of environment. As good as Windows XP is, everyone know there are pleanty of places were it can definately be improved. And all of these things will come in Vista: Improved Kernel, Improved Security, Improved Scheduling even Improved User Interfaces! And all of these things have been on that feature list since day one. One of those items I’m particularly looking for is per application sound mixing. Now that is something that every operating system should have.

And besides, every gamer really wants to be able to use that graphics card for something besides gaming. The OS really needs have alpha blending and pixel shading transitions as much as possible. Although I think another OS already did that, and I hear that the it felt faster afterwards too…

February 28, 2006 09:00 PM Geek and Gizmos


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