You’re stepping on my toes

While it probably isn’t as noticeable in other places of the world, most of us in Miami that have been here a while - and I’m stretching that for me too - have probably noticed that it’s just getting too crowded. With Housing at astronomical costs and way too many cars in the road, Kate and I are really thinking of running for the hills. Well, there’s apperantly good reason as to why when I go park my car there are rarely any empty spots anymore: there is roughly 6.5 billion of selfish people running around the world like the own the damn place! Yes, thats right. At least according to some recent estimates Wired is reporting on. And if I know Kate, she’s definately going to be yelling at every one she knows to keep their baby making at 0 population growth!

February 21, 2006 08:06 PM Geek and Gizmos


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