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Portable Hard Drives: Nintendo Style!

I think I’m going to add this to the list of computer mods/projects I would like to do: like a NES PC. The Nintendo Portable Drive - or as its creators call it: The Zelda Drive 1.0. Now… If…

thu, mar 30, 2006 | Gadgets and Hardware , Nintendo
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He’s a phoney! A Great Big Phoney!

After my last posting I noticed the problem I was having at work with positioning and overflows apperantly didn’t exist. At least it doesn’t for me at home the way I tried to recreate it. Either way. It doesn’t matter….

thu, mar 30, 2006 | Alienware , HTML and CSS
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Relative Positioning? Not Inside an Overflow!

So I was working on some design concepts at work when I stumbled accross another IE bug I hadn’t experienced yet. Apperantly using relative positioning inside an element has overflow:hidden doesn’t work like it should. The setup goes something like…

thu, mar 16, 2006 | HTML and CSS
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Four Games? What About 52!

The writer of Press The Buttons really presses the right buttons. Up until this day I would have completely gone through life with the following NES cartridge burned out of exsistance in my memory. But that is no longer the…

tue, mar 14, 2006 | Nintendo
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Too Fast

I can’t believe I’ve been through at least 6 major graphics card launches since I started working at Alienware. Today, was another one of those special days, and the web team back at Alienware World HQ got a little…

thu, mar 9, 2006 | Alienware , Gadgets and Hardware
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Setting Up a Server… In 50 Easy Steps

I spent a good deal last Saturday setting up my personal webserver, the one which was hosting this website dutifully for over 2 years before I started using Adelphia Cable internet with its drachonian EULA. I was setting up the…

mon, mar 6, 2006 | Development , Gadgets and Hardware , Software
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