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After my last posting I noticed the problem I was having at work with positioning and overflows apperantly didn’t exist. At least it doesn’t for me at home the way I tried to recreate it. Either way. It doesn’t matter. I was able to get it to work properly for a very simple widget. Last Thursday we pushed a new homepage, which while I was working on gave me the problem I tried to describe previously. The problem poped up while I was working on the products scroll section. The scrolling itself wasn’t a problem, but rather that when I had originally styled the page, the product block refused to hide the rest of itself in IE.

I was really looking forward to having this new more exiting and interactive page go live.While the design was Justin’s I had a fun time coding the flash portion. Although I definately need more practice with flash because I keep reverting back to old bad habits. I really should be doing more OOP based code. I’m really starting to enjoy working with XML file structures too. Once you learn the DOM, it’s increadibly easy to move xml from one platform to another - that is as long as it follows the DOM.

As a minor side note. It looks like the IE 7 Beta 2 doesn’t read the * html #selector CSS selector anymore. This is definately going to be a pain to watch out for as I’ve been reading that IE is render complete. If this is true, then I can tell that IE 7 still does not support the min-height property. At least this is what I can tell from a cursory glance at some of the websites I’ve done show. and while I’m definately happy IE 7 was finally able to get rid of some rendering major bugs, no longer having this IE only selector is going to make things a little tricky as I try to prepare styles for its eventual release.

March 30, 2006 10:28 PM HTML and CSS


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