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So I read a Wired column today. And while that may have sounded like I don’t usually do read them, I actually find myself at least one a week looking for the interesting tidbits which are dispatched at the online home of Wired.

I’ve been perplexing abou this particular problem for a while as well. How do I, as a manly man, find a way to carry all of my cool gizmos as well as just about anything I may need, but still look and feel manly. My current answer so far has been not to carry all the cool gizmos plus whatever would seem handy because doing that would add an extra thing to have to carry. Outside of myself, I don’t carry much with me. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about adding an bag-like accessory to hold all my things though - I’ve also gone through some combination of the items/ways to carry things listed in the article: backpacks, stachels, fannypacks and belt clips. Personally, as much as I like chewbacca, I don’t think I’ve ever though about using his style in this galaxy and in this time.

Backpacks are good for school. The big bags carry all your notebook, textbook and anyother schoolbook stuff pretty well. They can also do pretty good double duty carrying your cellphone, music player and portable entertainment/gaming device as well as the occassional notebook. Of course, carrying all of that in one bag can be a challenge. Not only does it get heavy, especially if you carry a really old brick weight of a notebook, but it gets pretty bulky. That’s when I switched to messenger bags or stachels. The limited space definately limits what you can take with you, unless of course you defeat the purpose of messenger bags by getting one with rollers. But that’s the whole point. The limited space makes it much easier to lug around, but definately limits it to how much you can carry.

I’m not even going to start on fannypacks.

Belt clips work pretty well for one or two electronic devices. It’s still my preffered way of carrying cellphones. Makes the easy to get to, but also keeps them nice and protected. But be picky with this one. Metal clips don’t have the swivel plastic ones do and they when the leather starts to come of, it can start to wear at anything it regularly comes in contact with - like your belt, or the door in your car.

So my current solution, are pants pockets. I was really interested and really wanted to get myself a pair of those 10,000 pockets Dockers that came out not so long ago. I actually used to have a pair of non-Docker pants like that back in high school and I found them really useful. With all the extra pocket spaces its easy to pack in all the extras that you don’t need but really want to carry along just in case, like music players and portable gaming devices. But given the fact that most Khakis only come with two pockets which happen to be increadibly small, barely fitting a wallet and phone in one, it’s really hard to use this all the time. Which brings me back to the conundrum. What else is there?

The best choice for most geek guys is probably the messenger/laptop bag. Ducassi has been carrying around one of these for a while - holding just about everything he needs. The only problem like I said, is the dreaded limited space/portability issue. But maybe if it just looks good enough while you carry it, does it really matter if it doesn’t do everything you wish it could?

April 12, 2006 11:14 PM Geek and Gizmos


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Ok, if old navy or manhattan portage come up with a decent bandolier, i would buy into it. i think its a nifty way to solve that problem without having to actually own a "purse" or a "man bag". Untill then though, will have to use my man bag for my phone, wallet, gameboy and games, and anything else i may need on my journies ahead.

Posted by: Ducassi | April 18, 2006 02:19 PM

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