entries from june 2006

Alienware Plug

Just in case you don’t follow the ins and outs of my favorite employer, earlier this month Alienware released two Superman Edition PC’s. There’s a desktop model, and a notebook model. Both look really good.

wed, jun 14, 2006 | Alienware
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Gasp! An Adventure Game Not Including Mario

I saw this video today and I almost died laughing. Kate just thought it too weird, but then again, she hasn’t seen the original.

wed, jun 14, 2006 | Video Games
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Of Canada and Marriages

So I went to Canada for a weekend last month. Just for one of my bestest best pal from middle/high school’s wedding. It was a Friday wedding (what’s wrong with Saturdays?) and had I known that it was going…

tue, jun 13, 2006 | Journal
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