Of Canada and Marriages

Canadian Parliament Buildings

So I went to Canada for a weekend last month. Just for one of my bestest best pal from middle/high school’s wedding. It was a Friday wedding (what’s wrong with Saturdays?) and had I known that it was going to be a relatively, and I mean that loosely, week at the office I probably would have tried to take more then just the two days off (Thurs. and Fri.). Of the actual trip up, I won’t be saying much outside of the fact that it only reinforced my dislike for the Airline with two A’s. It is very uncomfortable to fly next to the window when the person beside you is taking up the armrest and you barely fit in comfortably to the seat anyways. If you’ve watched Mythbusters, all I can tell you that I know for sure my legs wouldn’t have made it.

I was treated to several suprises once I arrived at my destination, my previous home town, Ottawa. There’s a spanking brand new airport, which I didn’t take a picture of. There are new streets in old neighborhoods, and I almost got lost once. There are a hundred different pita and shwarma shoppes. There are more “Great Canadian” places then I ever thought there could be.

There were also several things I had completely forgotten about. Like small drink sizes. Although I completely agree that there should never a super duper gulp 2000 that holds 2000 oz of liquid that will never fit in you stomach or bladder, but I was a little stunned that the small size coffe cup from just about anywhere was about the size of a child cup from a USA McDonalds. I just found that strange, since I almost always order a small to expect what in Canada would be a large. Now that’s no biggie with me, but it just makes me wonder what people do that constantly order “venti” size feel when they are given something half the size.

I had a nice time overall though. All the people and friends I went to see were doing and feeling great about themselves. It’s weird to see all your friends start to get Married though. I guess the 90’s really popularized the concept of waiting till 30 to get Married, but reallity is completely different from that. I know a lot of people who are married or are seriously thinking about it. In some sense, I think it’s good. One of the things Kate and I say to people who ask why we got married so early is something that I think really makes sense. It’s harder if you start a life and try to bring someone in, then starting a life together. Or something like that. Kate says it better.

June 13, 2006 01:35 PM Journal


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