entries from july 2006

Can’t Program? Won’t Learn!

While I was studying at FIU, which really seems like a long time ago, I met a lot of people in the Computer Science Field that where having a really hard time understanding the concepts. And this wasn’t just in…

wed, jul 19, 2006 | Programming
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Why Can’t You Just Save!!!

There was an article recently on Gamasutra, The Designer’s Notebook: ‘Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie!’ VII, and I totally agree with “Unsaved Configurations”. One of the reasons I stopped playing FFXI was because I had to format my computer and…

thu, jul 13, 2006 | MMOs
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What Does Google Say About You?

I’ve seen a couple of similar articles pop up on some of the regular sites I read lately. The subject of interest? What the web, and perhaps myspace, says about you. The latest article that is being linked is the…

wed, jul 12, 2006 | Online Chatter
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