Can’t Program? Won’t Learn!

While I was studying at FIU, which really seems like a long time ago, I met a lot of people in the Computer Science Field that where having a really hard time understanding the concepts. And this wasn’t just in Programming 1, but througout the curriculum. Sure, I know classes get harder as you progress in the degree, but once you know the basics of programming, how languages are just instructions that the machine accepts willinginly, then all the advanced concepts really become are just ways to organize larger chunks of programming. So I had an epiphany. Not everyone can program. Apperantly, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Apperantly some Computer Scientists have deviced a test to see if you can or can’t program: [dividing] programming sheep from non-programming goats. This post from “Coding Horror” which originally led me to the paper, is a pretty good overview with commentary on the subject. Apperantly, it boils down to being able to accept the correct way programming languages work. That is to say, either you accept that it works a certain way, or you don’t. Your mind will not adjust its built up models of how assignment, or statements are supposed to work with the computer, and your expectations will always be different from the actual results.

Very interesting eh?

July 19, 2006 08:28 AM Programming


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