What Does Google Say About You?

I’ve seen a couple of similar articles pop up on some of the regular sites I read lately. The subject of interest? What the web, and perhaps myspace, says about you. The latest article that is being linked is the following from College Journal, although several other big publications have had their say on this as well. I decided that it was just about time to do another round of searches to see what did come up when you put my name in.

What came out?

  1. There are apperantly at lot of people with my same first and last name besides my dad and I.
  2. There’s a arthor with my name, find him on amazon!
  3. There’s at least one El Salvadoran painter with my name as found on elfaro.net.
  4. My name can still be found at Sunset High School’s website on the Investment Club page. Investing is cool! A good profile can get you first place at the local fair.
  5. UNCA apperantly does press releases for their Dean’s Lists. And yes, that is me in there somewhere.
  6. My Essays are actually read by people! I kid you not! I found this quote: It is not possible for civilization to flow backwards while there is youth in the world. from this essay: Of Emotion and Purpose: The Memoir at the website of the “Personal Historian” software. THAT is so Cool! It’s on the lower left by the way. Oh, and if you don’t see it the first time, keep refreshing, it’s part of a list of randomly rotating quotes. Which makes it even better! My quote is with the likes of Tom Clancy and Albert Einstein.

So I think I’m clear on the having to worry about “digital dirt”. So I looked to see what would come up when I entered my handle into the search engines. Now, my handle has become particularly common, so there were alot of uses were it wasn’t me. For example:

  1. I don’t have a livejournal.
  2. I also hadn’t been to minitokyo.net before today.
  3. And while I do love RPG’s, I haven’t been to RPG Host.

Places I have been however are:

  1. Fedora Forum
  2. PC Perspective
  3. Jive Software

I also realized that the search engines have a really long memory. I’m still finding links to the no longer in exsistance url darksama.sytes.net. That link just links back to this blog. As much as no-ip helped me out in those times that I when I was poor and could not afford a hosting company, it was time to go for a domain name that would actually be mine. Though that’s not to say no-ip’s dynamic dns isn’t bad. It’s actually very good. I recommend it full heartedly.

July 12, 2006 11:16 PM Online Chatter


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