entries from august 2006

Adding Padding on Blocked Anchors

I’ve been running into this problem on IE7 where by a list item with an blocked anchor will have top and bottom padding around the anchor element even though none has been added to the list item. Consider the following…

tue, aug 29, 2006 | HTML and CSS
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24 Candles, 24 Years

I turned 24 yesterday, and like last year it seems, my birthday is being overshaddowed by a terrible weather system! If Kate had her way, this would be the second storm suffixed “The Lame”. But before the lines at…

tue, aug 29, 2006 | On Life
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Don’t Forget the DS!

I was reading the latest edition of GameInformer. A pretty decent magazine that thanks to it’s parent company found itself selling almost as many issues as Oprah! I particularly like the calendar section they have going on (who’s style looks…

wed, aug 23, 2006 | Video Games
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Off On Leave

So here I am in London and as Mike apperantly loves to say, there’s nothing easy about living here because everything at my sister’s house is backwards! The light switches are backwards, the doors open the other way around…

fri, aug 18, 2006 | Journal
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One Song Bands/Albums

I was listening to my only Everclear album thinking to myself how great this one song is. Yes I know I’m generalizing here, but it’s true. There are many bands and albums that have the same or very similar rythms…

thu, aug 10, 2006 | Music
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One More IE “Problem”

There is not a week that goes by that I don’t find something new that is irritating with IE. It’s almost as if the program was begging to be made into a repeating column. Not that I would, but it’s…

wed, aug 2, 2006 | HTML and CSS
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