Don’t Forget the DS!

I was reading the latest edition of GameInformer. A pretty decent magazine that thanks to it’s parent company found itself selling almost as many issues as Oprah! I particularly like the calendar section they have going on (who’s style looks very much like Wired’s) mostly because I never have any Idea about the release date of any game, and it’s nice to know half a month in advance of when I’ll be putting down 40 bucks on something.

Reading the september edition of GI, specifically so the calendar in that issue, I noticed that a good lot of DS games where coming out: Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (9/13), Contact (9/19) and Mario Vs Donkey Kong: March of the Minis (9/27). But as I read through the well written pages which offer so much insight into the world of gaming, I was dissapointed to realize that neither of those games had been given more then a glance. Not even an august release was in there: Star Fox Command (8/28).

Mind you, GI’s september issue didn’t spend a lot of time on mobile gaming as both DS and PSP games were relegated to one Page full of mini reviews. But out of the other september Issues I’ve been reading none of these highly anticipated (at least by this pennyless gamer) DS games have been either reviewed or previewed! MechAssault, next to several PSP reviews. While I’m definately looking forward to MechAssault, it’s not coming out this september! Gamepro didn’t have a single review for any mobile system on the September issue.

Wha’ts up with this? How come the DS is getting shafted on print magazine real estate. All big online publication seem to think that the DS is doing very well. It’s critically accalimed not only on the hardware front, but many games have been more then selling well and well received. I don’t get it!

August 23, 2006 08:51 AM Video Games


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