Off On Leave


So here I am in London and as Mike apperantly loves to say, there’s nothing easy about living here because everything at my sister’s house is backwards! The light switches are backwards, the doors open the other way around and there’s only brittish programming on TV. But I really like the size of their appartment. It’s quite large for standards here, but it would be perfect size (well, maybe a little smaller) for Kate and I right now If only there were places like this in Miami.

I haven’t had a chance to enjoy myself yet, yesterday I spent the day trying to get used to the new time schedule. I hate losing 5 hours of time.

Today we have plans to go into town and take it by surprise. Should be fun. All I saw of downtown London yesterday was the underground and Victoria station. I would have stayed around longer, but my bag was a bit heavy and i just wanted to take a little nap. But today should be different. I got a whole day of tourism ahead of me and I have a camera with a 512MB memory stick to fill up.

August 18, 2006 04:50 AM Journal


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