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I was listening to my only Everclear album thinking to myself how great this one song is. Yes I know I’m generalizing here, but it’s true. There are many bands and albums that have the same or very similar rythms and melodies that it sounds like the same song. All of “So Much For the Afterglow” can be described as such (except for “El Distorto De Melodica”). A lot of other Everclear songs sound simliar too, so it’s not so much a phenomenom of the album, but of the band. Kate has even been able to sing the lyrics of one song, on the music of another - it’s very impressive since it’s hard to remember the lyrics to one while another song is playing. Everclear isn’t the only band like this, I find Rage Against the Machine has the same problem, and to some extent Audioslave.

This isn’t nescessarly a bad thing. I just wanted to point it out. I really love “So Much For The Afterglow”, all the songs go really well together (since its the same song), but the lyrics really set them apart.

Anybody else know of other bands/Albums that fit the bill?

August 10, 2006 11:00 PM Music


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