entries from september 2006

40 Hour Games? One Hour at a Time

There’s an article on Wired about a supposed myth of the 40 hour gamer. I dunno if I would call my self a hard-core gamer but I wouldn’t call myself a casual gamer. I’ve finished many a long RPG and…

tue, sep 26, 2006 | Video Games
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McDonalds to Liberate Breakfast!

For too long I have questioned why McDonald’s didn’t sell their equally addictive breakfast foods all day. Not only because the EggMcMuffins are yummy, but because sometimes you just can’t get up early enough to get them. We all know…

wed, sep 20, 2006 | Random
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Highlighting List Items

I was working on something a little different the other day. We were trying to add a higher level of UI to a certain page, and one of the things we wanted to do was do a highlight over different…

wed, sep 20, 2006 | HTML and CSS
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Nintendo Bling

This past satuday I headed over to my local ebgames, and while yes I know that the gamestop/ebgames can have a bad rap among gamers, some stores are still decent. It really depends on the store manager/employees. Anyways, I…

wed, sep 13, 2006 | Nintendo
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Artistic Mods

This is probably the only time you’ll see one of these on this site. It’s not that I don’t think the Xbox 360 is good, at this point it’s looking much better then the PS3 - which every passing…

thu, sep 7, 2006 | Video Games
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