40 Hour Games? One Hour at a Time

There’s an article on Wired about a supposed myth of the 40 hour gamer. I dunno if I would call my self a hard-core gamer but I wouldn’t call myself a casual gamer. I’ve finished many a long RPG and I have over 25 Gamecube games, though a good chunk happen to be party/multiplayer games; there needs to be a common ground for Kate and I.

I do feel the pain of the author, while I may not have some of his worries or the time consuming activities my time is also very limited when it comes to games. It is very rare that I am in the mood and have a good chunck of time to get through longer games I still try to get through them. Though I usually end up leaving many an unconquered game behind. Which leads me to point I want to make. When I finally get through to the end of these greatly rewarding experiences, over the many others I could have spent time one, I want to be so greatly rewarded. Like Clive Thompson stated in his article:

The thing is, finishing a story-based game is an enormously rewarding experience. I’m depressed that I so seldom achieve it. It’s like mixing the literary pleasures of finishing War and Peace with the itch-scratching OCD feel of completing The New York Times Sunday crossword. The delights of narrative and problem-solving compress into a single, narcotic burst of endorphins. If you’ve been hunched over the game for 15 straight hours, so much the better: In a strange way, part of the fun is re-emerging into daylight like a bewildered mole and slowly unkinking your RSI-crippled arms.

So the end of the game better be good. I don’t necessarly mean that the end of a game should be a good 30 minute process that explains all the story plots from the game, it should at least go over the main plot elements and try to resolve them. This was my biggest gripe with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic! Over all the games I could have spent my time on, I put well over 40 hours on that game, all I get at the end was a 30 second fmv of my spaceraft heading off into space without any a say about the love story that had been brewing the entire game. It could have been nice to know if the (spoiler alert) if the Jedi council had approved, if they hadn’t, if the love would have continued. But, nothing. After all the time spent that sort of ending is not appropriate. Maybe for a 30 minute game, or 10 years ago, but not to top off such a story driven enterntainment.

September 26, 2006 09:39 PM Video Games


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