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This past satuday I headed over to my local ebgames, and while yes I know that the gamestop/ebgames can have a bad rap among gamers, some stores are still decent. It really depends on the store manager/employees.

Anyways, I went over because apperantly some of the ebgames/gamestops have this thing call PowerPlay Saturdays. It’s this geek calling of sorts. They promise a certain game, and geeks come in to the store on saturdays and create a gathering of sorts, very unlike their usual behavior, to play this one promised game. This past Saturday the call they used was “Mario Kart DS”. A fine call if there ever was one. So fine in fact, that only the high ranking geeks made it to the store. My particular area in Miami only has one such geek apperantly, as I was the only one that answered the call for the Mario Kart tournament.

I was henced called Nintendo Champion, and received a gift to befit such a Champion!

September 13, 2006 01:40 PM Nintendo


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