entries from october 2006

Wii Preorder Madness!!!

Everyone is talking about the gamestop Wii Preorders! Personally I’m stoked. I’ve bugging the folks at my local gamestop to give me the inside scoop, but they’ve kept their lips shut! As opposed to apperantly other gamestoppers. But I do…

thu, oct 12, 2006 | Nintendo
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Games are comfortable? Like a pair of pants!

It’s funny to see the blogsphere react to certain things. The New Gamer recently posted a list about comort games. You know, like comfort food, games you go back to when you just want to experience something already known and…

tue, oct 10, 2006 | Online Chatter , Video Games
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The Ronin’s Have Seceeded!

A bunch of us from the Night Ravens Guild on the Kargath WoW server have left the guild and have created a new one: Ronin. If you are looking for the Ronin site it’s: www.roninguild.org. If that link doesn’t work…

sun, oct 8, 2006 | MMOs
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Jon Stewart Is Just as Good

Regardless of what Ducassi thinks of the Daily Show, his work on that show has been recently substantiated. ArsTecnica is reporting on an academic study claiming that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has just as much substance as any…

sun, oct 8, 2006 | Online Chatter
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94 Pages Turns into A Couple of Lines of C

There’s a wired blog that has an exceptionally funny programming segment that tries to describe the recent bill over terrorists. It’s quite easy to debug once you see it. The comments on Wired and Boing Boing on the article are…

mon, oct 2, 2006 | Online Chatter
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