Games are comfortable? Like a pair of pants!

It’s funny to see the blogsphere react to certain things. The New Gamer recently posted a list about comort games. You know, like comfort food, games you go back to when you just want to experience something already known and safe that has good memories. I personally was surprised that most of the games in the original list were mostly new games. I would personally thought most comfort games to be old, because of the good memories thing, but apperantly that doesn’t work with games. But come to think of it, I only have to oldish games on my list.

My Comfort Games?

  1. Shogo MAD
  2. Fallout 2
  3. Super Mario Strikers
  4. Soul Calibur
  5. WoW

October 10, 2006 08:04 PM Online Chatter


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