The Netflix Effect

I have a habbit of falling into the Netflix effect. This is the effect, which has been written about more eloquently elsewhere in which because you aren’t pushed to return a movie, then you tend to leave the movies untouched on your coffee table for far longer then the time turnover time for the netflix subscription to be worth it.

My latest victim to this effect: Underworld Evolution. We’ve had that movie since late August. I’ve been wanting to watch it. I liked the original movie and wanted to catch the sequel at the theatre but didn’t get a chance. So up until recently, it was sitting on the coffee table, untouched, to be watched at a future point in time that will never come to be as it was returned to the nearest Netflix warehouse on Monday.

Underworld was not alone in that journey however. For a good portion of that time, a good month or so, it had a companion: A History of Violence. But I was finally able get over the anxiaty of having to keep the movie at home, like I own it, and actually watch it. I, and it’s really all my fault with this, Kate has no problem with the Netflix effect, actually go through periods were I’m working the Netflix system as it should be done, instead of falling back into the hole that is the lack of due date to a rented movie.

After getting back into the grove of watching and returning some of our recent netflix I fear that I may fall back into that hole. Wonderfalls has arrived and as it is something both of us want to watch, we need to schedule it appropriately. And that’s really were it all starts.

November 8, 2006 11:44 PM Geek and Gizmos


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