Kate is the leader of pop culture

This little tid-bit of information is to be filled under the “why does kate happen to be on the bleeding edge of pop culture” category.

One of the things we tend to do when playing multiplayer games, and by multiplayer I don’t mean online shooters like Halo or MMO’s like WOW but rather games like Mario Party, is make up new names for characters or areas or the controllers. One such gaming situation happened with Lego Star Wars 1. Kate started calling General Grievous “Twisty McSaber”. Mainly because he has 4 light sabers and tends to twist his body as a way of attacking everything in sight.

Well. A List Apart has recently put an article on layouts called “Switchy McLayout: An Adaptive Layout Technique”. Damnit Kate!

December 26, 2006 01:36 PM On Life


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