entries from january 2007

The problem with Mario Party

While Kate, Chirs, Ducassi and I greatly enjoy playing Mario Party, it is not with out its faults. But instead of me spelling them all out in boring fashion, it is Penny Arcade that has hit the nail right…

mon, jan 29, 2007 | Nintendo
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We Make It Easy, but not to learn.

I’ve been playing with the prototype and scriptaculous javascript libraries for close to a year now, but it hasn’t been until last December that I really started to embrace the platform as a development tool in my scripts. The reason…

mon, jan 29, 2007 | Scripting
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Drupal Reached 5.0!

I first heard of Drupal after reading up on the Kubrick Wordpress Theme. The current kubrick theme at the time, version 1.0, had been ported over for use in Drupal, along with other CMS systems like Movable Type (which happens…

tue, jan 16, 2007 |
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