entries from february 2007

Programming Litmus Tests

The other day I read another great article on Coding Horror on programmers that can’t program. It’s a pretty short post that adds more to a current discussion on the need and legitimacy of coding tests for programming job perspectives….

wed, feb 28, 2007 | Programming
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Fun IE “Layers” Positioning

I’ve been working on some suckerfish dropdown menus at work and it’s been quite an experience. It’s not because they are hard to set up, or it was my first time working with them, but rather because I was trying…

thu, feb 22, 2007 | HTML and CSS
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Focusing on the user

I recently found a blog that focuses on the user experience: Creating Passionate Users. It has a pretty good dialog with very funny imagery that really drives their point home. For example in a recent post on amount of control…

sun, feb 18, 2007 | Development
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The problem of caching

I’ve already talked once before about caching problems but I after reading an article on a similar note, javascript caching and internet applications, I thought I would bring it up once more. In my original article I was specifically talking…

mon, feb 12, 2007 | Scripting
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