The problem of caching

I’ve already talked once before about caching problems but I after reading an article on a similar note, javascript caching and internet applications, I thought I would bring it up once more.

In my original article I was specifically talking about issues with IE and flash. IE would only keep the original flash file in cache and none of the other dynamically loaded files that were loaded using a relative paths using the base parameter. However, the solution to this problem is a good solution for many other problems that can arise due to caching.

I particularly like the notation they describe for making sure that the newest js library (in their case, dojo), gets downloaded. They just add a version information to the query string of the script url. This way you can still enjoy the speed increases of caching, while making sure that users are kept up to date on the latest codebase. I have yet to use this, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

And while it can make development easier - using a timestamp to break caching - I think using the devtools like the Developer Toolbar for IE and firefox, which have the ability to disable the cache, to be much easier.

February 12, 2007 04:17 PM Scripting


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