entries from march 2007

I’m apperantly not old enough to drink

I read the New York Times’ article on the new Xbox 360 Elite early today. And like a lot of other people, as I got close to the bottom of the article, I was hit with a surprise quote: We…

wed, mar 28, 2007 | Video Games
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On to new ventures

It’s been a 9 days since I started my new job. I am now working for EA. So far, I’m still somewhat shocked that I have found myself employed by the largest third-party video game company in the world. At…

tue, mar 27, 2007 | On Life
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Unbox on Tivo

I just read on ArsTecnica that the Amazon.com UInbox video download service will finally be making it’s way to all series2 and series3 tivos. I’m sitting on the fence about it. I’ve yet to try out any movie download service…

thu, mar 8, 2007 | Gadgets and Hardware
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